SRC’s investment faces hiccups

The Liberian Observer has reliably gathered that the International Finance Corporation has tabled all SRC’s loan application processes pending full scale investigation into a recent complaint filed against it by 22 indigenous Liberian communities.

Qatar re-evaluates its food security strategy

While Qatar has adopted a more indirect approach to its foreign agricultural investment and increased domestic production of some food products, it is unlikely that it will be able to significantly reduce its dependence on foreign food supplies in the long term.

Agriculture: Germ of an asset class

According to asset managers, a window is emerging for institutional money to flow into agriculture due to change of ownership, notably in markets such as Australia and the US.

Customary land map, a first for Indonesia, launches to mixed reception

Indonesia has published its first ever map of customary forests, in a move it says to prevent land grabs by businesses and resolve existing conflicts.But indigenous rights activists are unconvinced, saying land recognition process for local communities continues to be hampered by onerous bureaucratic requirements.