Investors see big returns on farmland — are they pricing out farmers?
      As the global demand for food rises and the supply of arable land shrinks, investment managers like Nuveen — a subsidiary of the largest global investor in agriculture, TIAA — see farmland as an attractive asset class.
      • News Nation
      • 15 Mar 2024
      Palm oil: a holding company has paid 142,000 euros to Cameroonians opposed to the Bolloré group
      On Wednesday, the Luxembourg holding company Société financière des caoutchoucs (Socfin) paid €142,000 to Cameroonian plaintiffs, a fine imposed by the French courts for failing to produce documents that could establish its links with the French company Bolloré.
      • AFP
      • 13 Mar 2024
      We're razing forests for palm oil plantations again
      Palm oil companies in Indonesia, the world’s top producer of the commodity, cleared 30,000 ha of forest last year to make way for plantations. France-based TheTreeMap used plantation concession data from Greenpeace to identify 53 companies behind the plantation expansion and resulting deforestation, of which 20 had cleared carbon-rich peatlands.
      • Mongabay
      • 13 Mar 2024
      Dozens of Cambodians charged in land dispute: activist
      A Cambodian court has charged 29 people with illegally occupying state land following an incident in which authorities fired live rounds in a crackdown on a longstanding land dispute.
      • AFP
      • 13 Mar 2024
      The Vicuñas and the $9,000 sweater
      Thirty years of providing the world’s finest wool to the fashion house Loro Piana has done almost nothing for the Indigenous people of the Peruvian Andes.
      • Bloomberg
      • 13 Mar 2024
      Skewed policies in favor of forest-destroying tycoon
      Two oil palm plantation companies related to the Fangiono family and Ciliandry Arky Abadi Group are set up in the land belong to the Moi Sigin and Moi Kelim Indigenous communities in Southwest Papua. Fangiono family is one of the richest palm oil tycoons in Indonesia reportedly have taking over 100,000 hectares of land forest areas in the Moi Sigin and Moi Kelim indigenous territory.
      • Pusaka Bentala Rakyat
      • 13 Mar 2024
      Loggers have ‘grabbed’ around 1m hectares of Indigenous land in DRC
      A new study identifies around 18m hectares of land in Cambodia, Colombia and the DRC that have been acquired in large-scale deals for logging, intensive agriculture, fossil-fuel extraction and mining.
      • Carbon Brief
      • 12 Mar 2024
      Provincial authorities use weapons in Preah Vihear land dispute, nearly 30 residents detained
      At least 30 residents have been charged by provincial court in Cambodia for allegedly illegally occupying state land. The detention stems from an incident when authorities mounted a mass crackdown during a clash over a long-disputed land. The authorities said the land belonged to a rubber company called Seladamex, having received an economic land concession (ELC) from the state.
      • CamboJa News
      • 12 Mar 2024
      Brazilian growers go bust in blow to $7 billion farm-credit boom
      Tumbling corn and soybean prices are sparking defaults, undermining returns for so-called Fiagros, the Brazilian investment funds backed by agricultural receivables such as interest, dividends and land-lease payments.
      • Bloomberg
      • 11 Mar 2024
      Saudi dairy company Fondomonte ceases water pumping in far west Arizona
      A Saudi dairy company that once pumped water through a lease on local farmland in far west Arizona has officially ceased operations.
      • KTAR
      • 11 Mar 2024
      Abu Dhabi-owned Unifrutti eyes further Latam growth after fresh acquisitions
      The company has reached a deal to buy both AvoAmerica Peru and Bomarea from U.S.-based Solum Partners and Alpine Fresh, it said on Saturday, following its January acquisition of Verfrut, which produces fruits in Chile and Peru.
      • Reuters
      • 09 Mar 2024
      Carbon Done Right buys London Carbon Exchange ahead of AIM listing
      The Company intends to expand operations in Sierra Leone and will transfer the same model to Ghana and Liberia and other countries across Africa, where approximately 90% of land suitable for restoration is held by smallholders.
      • Investing News
      • 08 Mar 2024
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