Environmental conflicts and defenders: A global overview

Bottom-up mobilizations for more sustainable and socially just uses of the environment occur worldwide across all income groups, testifying to the global existence of various forms of grassroots environmentalism as a promising force for sustainability.

Offshore investors swoop on almond orchards

Funds managed by North American farmland and timber giant Hancock Natural Resource Group are poised to snap up two almond properties worth around $12 million in the NSW Riverina and South Australia’s Riverland.

Your land, my land, our land

Handbook of grassroots strategies to preserve farmland and access to land for peasant farming and agroecology

Who owns Australia? Our biggest land barons

You’d be surprised to learn that the billion dollar barons of Australian farmland are a Canadian government worker super fund, a New York teacher insurance fund and an Australian pastoral giant backed by a Dutch pension fund

Vietnamese agribusiness giant HAGL destroys indigenous lands

The agribusiness company, Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL), pledged to World Bank in 2015 to return land within its rubber concessions to local communities. But as residents have sheltered at home due to COVID-19, the company has cleared much of the land.

"Business as usual" at Socfin and Bolloré

On the eve of their shareholder meetings, more than 40 organisations sign a collective statement about the situation in numerous rubber and oil palm plantations run by the Socfin group, with the financial participation of the Bolloré group