Digital fences: the financial enclosure of farmlands in South America

A real financialisation of land, natural resources and the agri-food system is underway throughout South America. In the context of the multiple global crises, the pressure on the control of land and other resources of interest has increased considerably, either for productive use or as financial assets. To this end, the digitisation of land governance and the georeferencing technology that supports it are serving to disguise a massive digital land grab.

Investors turn to ag sector

Agricultural investors say the COVID-19 crisis has had little impact on their business and investment intentions, with Australian agricultural land, water and business assets as appealing as ever to investors.

Palm oil labour abuses linkeds to the world's top brands, banks

An Associated Press investigation found poor conditions of millions of laborers from some of the poorest corners of Asia across palm oil plantation in Malaysia and Indonesia, many of them enduring various forms of exploitation, with the most serious abuses including child labor, outright slavery and allegations of rape.

South Korean conglomerate to exit Warragundi

Giant South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group is looking to make an exit from the Warragundi aggregation in Australia, just over a year after taking control of the largest acreages in NSW’s Mudgee region.