China busca áreas de cultivo no Brasil

O principal grupo agrícola da China, Heilongjiang Beidahuang Nongken Group, anunciou que adquirirá ou arrendará 200 mil hectares de cultivo em países latino-americanos como o Brasil, assim como em Rússia, Filipinas, Austrália e Zimbábue, informou o jornal oficial "China Daily".

China busca cultivos en Brasil, Argentina y Venezuela, entre otros países

El principal grupo agrícola de China, Heilongjiang Beidahuang Nongken Group, anunció hoy que adquirirá o arrendará 200.000 hectáreas de cultivo en países latinoamericanos como Brasil, Argentina y Venezuela, así como en Rusia, Filipinas, Australia y Zimbabue, informó el diario oficial "China Daily".

A new scramble for Africa?

Amid much talk about the need for "codes of conduct" to help regulate this new phenomenon, I found myself wondering whether Cecil Rhodes would have signed such a code. He probably would, and have then gone on to completely disregard it.

SA, Zim not safe for investments

At a recent conference in Cairo, South Africa and Zimbabwe were the only African nations not considered safe havens for foreign farmland investment because of uncertainty about land-reform programmes and unfriendly labour environments.

S.Africa farmers want land in Zimbabwe investment pact

While Agri SA has been leading a push for South African farmers to invest and farm in a number of other countries across Africa, including the Republic of Congo, Libya and Zambia, the union has urged its members to stay away from countries where South Africa has no investment protection agreements.