再见 Hengfu (Goodbye, Hengfu)

Almost a decade since government of Cambodia granted 40,000 hectares land concession to five Chinese companies believed to be subsidiaries of a single Chinese owned firm, Hengfu. The whole project that affected indigenous Kuoy community has now fallen apart.

Massive Chinese sugarcane firm disappears from Preah Vihear

Chinese sugarcane concessionaire Rui Feng and four linked firms seemed to have shut down their operations in the combined 40,000-hectare sugarcane plantation in northern Cambodia, with little public notice of the closure. All firms have faced multiple land disputes, especially with indigenous minorities.

A Macau company planting the seeds in Portugal

The acquisition of one of Portugal’s biggest agricultural companies by Macau firm CESL Asia last year may yet be seen as a defining moment in the economic relationship between China, Portugal and the Macau SAR.

China-Africa: "Huge" ag cooperation potential

China hosted African agricultural leaders for a forum to expand and deepen cooperation, investment, and trade with African agriculture over the next 3 years. And 11 project agreements were signed by government departments, international organizations, research units, and companies, adding to 115 agricultural projects that China has in two-thirds of African countries.

Dying for land in Lao?

Villagers detained for defending their lands from land grabs were beaten and subjected to electric shocks in the days following their arrest, with another later reported to have died in custody.