Angola launches $6bn agriculture expansion

Angola, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, has launched an ambitious plan to exploit both its fertile soils and high global food prices to attract $6bn (€4.3bn, £3.4bn) in agriculture investments over the next five years.

Gulf states covet Asian farms

Once committed largely to perceived safe-haven investments in the United States, Gulf nations are now looking to send their petrodollar surpluses towards a more exotic global destination: Southeast Asian farmland.

Upheavals in economy and food security

Japanese food corporations are stepping up their diversification and security of food sources, in particular taking ownership of the entire supply chain, from owning the farms in other countries, through to the processing and distribution of the food stuffs.

RP-China Farm Deals And Local Agriculture: Feast Or Famine?

China is looking at the Philippines to meet its domestic food and energy requirements even as the Chinese economy is being restructured into an enormous assembly hub of manufactured goods for the American, Japanese and European markets.

« Echange pétrodollars contre terres agricoles en Afrique »

Un mariage d’intérêt pourrait naître de l’excédent de liquidités dans les pays du Golfe et de l’abondance de terres arables en Afrique. C’est le vœu de Gulf Finance, Al Ihmar et Abu Dhabi Investment House, trois mousquetaires de la finance islamique qui viennent de mettre en place, fin août, un fonds d’investissement agricole appelé Agricapital.