World Bank

World Bank ignores land grabbing

New documentary film shows how sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia, by the Ethiopian government, to foreign investors, have led to starvation and forced displacement, and how the World Bank is complicit.

World Bank turns its back on pastoralist communities in Africa

In March the World Bank board granted a waiver of its current safeguard policy for indigenous peoples in relation to a loan to the government of Tanzania for SAGCOT, a multi-million dollar public-private partnership agribusiness development project.

La Banque mondiale roule-t-elle pour Monsanto?

Depuis 2008, la Banque Mondiale a mis en place plusieurs initiatives sensées améliorer la sécurité alimentaire. Mais certaines sont directement associées aux grandes entreprises de l'agro-industrie.

IFC commits $45M to China's Hosen Capital

The World Bank's IFC is committing up to US$30 million to Hosen Investment Fund III, the latest vehicle from Hosen Capital, a Chinese private equity fund with a strong focus on agriculture and food industry.