World Bank

World Bank backs investment in global farmland

The World Bank has backed the controversial practice of countries selling large tracts of agricultural land to overseas investors but is urging vendors to demand much more to increase their farming productivity and peoples’ livelihoods.

African agricultural finance under the spotlight

African governments need to raise their level of accountability and ensure that they improve and protect their own food security through quid pro quo side-agreements negotiated when they lease or sell their arable land to foreign interests, says Keith Mullin of Thompson Reuters

L’Afrique, une terre à louer

L’ennui, reconnaît la Banque mondiale, c’est que ces investissements, loin d’être une aubaine pour le continent noir, finissent par nuire à des populations déjà pauvres et à des économies précaires.

The ethics of foreign investment

To speak only of the ‘threats and potential opportunities’ that these investments highlight leaves underexposed the grave risks to human rights that they pose, writes Dr. Margot Salomon, from the London School of Economics