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01 May 2017 IDI
World Bank fuels land grabs in Africa through shadowy financial sector investments
Unjust Enrichment: How the IFC Profits from Land Grabbing in Africa, new report by Inclusive Development International, Bank Information Center, Accountability Counsel, Urgewald and the Oakland Institute.
20 Apr 2017 Oakland Institute
World Bank sides with agribusinesses against farmers, indigenous communities
As the World Bank Group’s spring meetings get underway in Washington, DC, the Bank’s complicity in corporate grabbing of land and natural resources around the world has become more blatant than ever
19 Apr 2017 Oberver
Uganda: Govt pays billions in taxes for Aya, Bidco, Quality Chemicals
The Ugandan government has settled the tax obligations for Bidco since 2003, when it set up oil palm plantations in the country. If the government fails to provide more land, it may continue paying Bidco's taxes, which stood at Shs 12.4bn (US$3.4M) last year
04 Apr 2017 Arbetet
World Bank ignores land grabbing
New documentary film shows how sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia, by the Ethiopian government, to foreign investors, have led to starvation and forced displacement, and how the World Bank is complicit.
24 Mar 2017 CADTM
Contre l’immixtion de la Banque mondiale dans le vote du projet de loi sur le foncier agricole au Mali
Le CADTM Afrique constate et dénonce l’immixtion flagrante, illégale et antidémocratique de la Banque mondiale dans le vote du projet de loi sur le foncier agricole au Mali.
08 Mar 2017 Guardian
Farmers sue World Bank lending arm over alleged violence in Honduras
Peasants in Honduras have sued a branch of the World Bank over its financing of the corporation Dinant, which has vast palm oil plantations in Bajo Aguán valley
08 Dec 2016 Mondiaal Nieuws
Tanzania allows Maasai land to be stolen under the guise of development
Large-scale agricultural projects are driving people off their land in Tanzania. An example is the case of the Maasai of Mabwegere, who are being dealt with harshly.
16 Nov 2016 4-Traders
IFC international finance provides $50 million to Adecoagro to support sustainable agriculture in Argentina
IFC, a member of the World Bank, will provide US$50 million to the Argentine subsidiaries of Adecoagro S.A., a company backed by billionaire George Soros, to support resource-efficient farming and food processing technologies
23 Sep 2016 BWP
World Bank turns its back on pastoralist communities in Africa
In March the World Bank board granted a waiver of its current safeguard policy for indigenous peoples in relation to a loan to the government of Tanzania for SAGCOT, a multi-million dollar public-private partnership agribusiness development project.
19 Sep 2016 Slate
La Banque mondiale roule-t-elle pour Monsanto?
Depuis 2008, la Banque Mondiale a mis en place plusieurs initiatives sensées améliorer la sécurité alimentaire. Mais certaines sont directement associées aux grandes entreprises de l'agro-industrie.
16 Aug 2016 CMN
IFC commits $45M to China's Hosen Capital
The World Bank's IFC is committing up to US$30 million to Hosen Investment Fund III, the latest vehicle from Hosen Capital, a Chinese private equity fund with a strong focus on agriculture and food industry.
23 Jul 2016 CADTM
Banque mondiale, une zone de non-droit protégée par des juges
Un litige oppose des pêcheurs et des paysans indiens à la Société financière internationale (SFI)

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