Elite Agro LLC

Renforcement du refus du projet Elite Agro LLC dans le Bas-Mangoky

Bien que les responsables malgaches répètent que le Memorandum of Understanding signé avec la société Elite Agro ne concerne pas une vente de terres, en Serbie, la société Elite Agro LLC en compagnie d’autres sociétés Emiraties sont devenues les principales propriétaires de terres

Vucic and Orban's agrarian policy

Serbia has neither clear rules of the game nor a development strategy for the agricultural sector, which is why the government confuses itself with Gulf State investors in secret meetings and makes real deals under the grain.

Brazilians go to a desert farm

A Brazilian agro industry delegation visited Elite Agro - a major farming company in UAE, which also operates in Serbia, Morocco, Ethiopia and Mauritania - and prompted them to invest in Brazil.