Liberia: UK company risks closure

Equatorial Palm Oil Ltd risks closure as member of Grand Bassa County legislative caucus lobbies to ensure that the operations of the company be halted due to allegations of land grabs.

When our land is free, we’re all free

Liberia's Jogbahn Clan and other communities are resisting the corporate takeover of their land and they are winning. All over Africa people are sending a clear message to their governments; stop selling Africa to corporations.

Film: The Jogbahn Clan

In Liberia, the Jogbahn Clan have been fighting against a palm oil company grabbing their land.

Indonesia's palm oil industry rife with human-rights abuses

Among the estimated 3.7 million workers in the industry are thousands of child laborers and workers who face dangerous and abusive conditions. Debt bondage is common, and traffickers who prey on victims face few, if any, sanctions from business or government officials.