Herakles Farms

From Africa's Palms

People & Power investigates the environmental consequences of palm oil plantations in equatorial Africa.

Fighting the injustice of landgrabs in Africa

Imperialism today is no longer conducted by nation-states but, instead, by multi-national corporations but the essence of the saga is unchanged: A poor continent is being raped by powerful, wealthy Westerners.

Investigating Herakles Farms in Ghana: AFJN’s Report

This story from Ghana’s Volta Region is a warning to landowners in Africa and irresponsible African leaders who are carelessly mortgaging future generations’ inheritance during this global rush for land in Africa.

When Wall Street went to Africa

A New York tycoon won a sweetheart deal to build a massive "sustainable" palm oil plantation in Cameroon. What followed were accusations of intimidation, corruption, bribery, and deceit.