28 Mar 2017 CommodAfrica
Second fonds d'investissement dédié à l’agroalimentaire en Afrique pour Phatisa
Le groupe de private equity africain Phatisa vise à collecter $300 millions pour son prochain fonds dédié à l’agriculture et agroalimentaire en Afrique, Phatisa Food Fund II, qui succédera au Fonds africain pour l'agriculture (AAF).
09 Dec 2016 The Times
‘Exploited’ workers, hotels and online shopping funded by aid
A recent report by nine charities including RIAO-RDC, a Congolese NGO, and the western charities Grain and War on Want, levels a string of criticisms against Feronia Inc, including allegations of land grabs, low pay and exploitation.
10 Dec 2013 Business Day
African land rush by firms ‘may put lives of millions at risk’
Nedbank Capital head of Africa business Zhann Meyer referred to a number of recent acquisitions in the sector, concluding that "the livelihoods, ways of life and culture of millions of Africans are at risk".
08 Nov 2013 Marketwire
Feronia Inc. announces US$25 million private placement led by CDC, the UK government's development finance institution
CDC will directly hold 27.5% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Feronia, a large-scale commercial farmland operator in the DRC
19 Sep 2013 Reuters
Phatisa says closes African Agriculture Fund at $243 mln
Phatisa has already invested $84 million into nine projects in seven African countries, ranging from palm oil in Sierra Leone and the DRC, to poultry farming in Zambia.
10 Dec 2012 Jeune Afrique
RD Congo : 10,5 millions de dollars pour Feronia
Le Fonds pour l'agriculture en afrique (African Agriculture Fund, AAF) va entrer au capital de Feronia, l'ancien Plantations et Huileries du Congo, qui détient et exploite la principale plantation de palmiers à huile en RD Congo.
10 Dec 2012 Feronia
Feronia Inc. announces strategic investment from Phatisa's African Agriculture Fund
Feronia Inc. announced that it has entered into a share subscription agreement with the African Agriculture Fund managed by Phatisa Fund Managers Limited
26 Nov 2012 Private Equity Africa
Phatisa’s SME fund backs West End Farms
Phatisa’s small-cap vehicle, the African Agriculture Fund (AAF) small and medium sized enterprise (SME) fund has sealed its first investment, backing Cameroon-based West End Farms.
01 Jul 2012 Jeune Afrique
AAF chez les francophones
Le conseil de surveillance du fonds dédié à l'agriculture en Afrique, African Agriculture Fund, s'est réuni à Lusaka pour clôturer une levée de 250 millions de dollars. Une partie est destinée à des entreprises en Afrique francophone.
12 Nov 2011 Phatisa
AAF statement regarding land policy in Africa
In August 2011, Phatisa concluded its first transaction to invest US$ 10 million alongside the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Limited (FINNFUND) and the Company’s Sponsors, in Goldtree a palm oil plantation and milling company in Sierra Leone, representing a total investment of US$ 20 million.
28 Jun 2011 OPIC
OPIC board approves nearly $500 million for renewable resources investment funds
The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation pours $150 million into fund targeting farmland acquisitions in Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia
29 Nov 2010 AAF
African Agriculture Fund first closing at USD135m
The fund will operate according to a Code of Conduct for Land Acquisition and Land Use in to prevent unsustainable practices.


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