South Sudan

Land deals "threaten South Sudan's development"

The government has said it will review all the deals done by foreign companies and try to close the many legal loopholes that have allowed foreign companies to “grab” large tracts of land without the knowledge of government and communities.

The Southern Sudan pie

Foreign interests into the South Sudan pie have managed to secure some 5.74 million hectares of land for agribusiness concerns namely agriculture, forestry, biofuels, eco-tourism and carbon trading.

Sudan: It's business time in Juba

A group of twenty Dutch companies visited Juba this week, looking for business opportunities. In the South Sudanese capital they bumped into a 50-member strong delegation from Japan, who was there for exactly the same purpose. Meanwhile, the Indians are on their way.

Kingdom to double wheat reserves

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Agriculture calls Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine “probable countries of investment” in farmland and confirms Kingdom's continued interest in farmland in south Sudan.