South Sudan

The scramble for African land (1)

"Today, all patriotic Africans are weeping when they see how African governments are giving out African lands, dispossessing the African people of their ancestral land, for practically next to nothing, in the name of attracting foreign investors!", writes Abba Mahmood

Governments should protect citizens’ interests

The bottom line is that it is the responsibility of the host governments to set policies and a legal framework that protect their citizens’ interests – by encouraging investment, and protecting the rights of affected individuals.

Solving south Sudan's land-grab problem

Over nine per cent of South Sudan's land has already been acquired for large-scale investment. Now, the government is trying to undo deals done without its, or the community's knowledge, before people rise up to free it again.

S.Sudan seeks food and farmland investments

South Sudan hopes to attract investors from Gulf Arab states, Israel, China and fellow African countries to boost production of basic food items, a government official said on Thursday.