Hambre y especulación

La escasez y el encarecimiento de los alimentos en el norte de África y en Oriente Próximo están agravando el hambre en el África subsahariana, donde han desembarcado los países árabes más ricos comprando tierras, a bajo precio, con el objetivo de cultivar lo necesario para dar de comer a sus propias poblaciones.

New fear of civil war in Sudan

The escalation of violence around the north-south border in the run-up to Sudan’s big divide has sparked fears of a new civil war, but experts contend that the issue is more about land and water rather than oil.

Saudi prince signs new Egypt farm land deal

KADCO, part of Prince Alwaleed's Kingdom Holding Co, now owns 10,000 feddans [more than 10,000 ha] in southern Egypt while cultivating another 15,000 feddans that it will get ownership of at a later date.

When the Nile runs dry

For the sake of peace and future development cooperation, the nations of the Nile River Basin should come together to ban land grabs by foreign governments and agribusiness firms, writes Lester Brown

Saudi prince settles land row with Egypt

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal announced Sunday an agreement has been reached on returning most of his disputed agricultural land in Egypt -- 30,000 out of 40,000 hectares -- back to the government.