¿A quién pertenece el agua en África?

Mientras que el 40% de la población subsahariana no dispone de acceso al agua potable, los inversores internacionales hacen negocio acaparando los territorios por donde transita.

Egypt: Turning deserts into fields

A delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to visit Sudan later this year to examine the possibility of growing wheat on as many as 470,000 hectares of Sudanese land.

Egyptian model farm in Ethiopia

An Egyptian model farm is to be created in Ethiopia on an area of some 500 feddans [210 ha] with the potential for expansion in the regional state of Afar some 600 kilometres north of Addis Ababa.

Governments should protect citizens’ interests

The bottom line is that it is the responsibility of the host governments to set policies and a legal framework that protect their citizens’ interests – by encouraging investment, and protecting the rights of affected individuals.