PM supports ban on foreigners

The Thai government has reiterated it will do everything in its power to keep the country's rice farming land out of the hands of foreign investors.

Foras rice project in Mauritania

Foras Investment Company conducted a pre-feasibility study on rice plantation in Mauritania in 2008. The aim of the study is to sieze the opportunity of setting up a rice farm on 2000 hectares in Rosso area.

Should we rethink our rice farming position?

It seems that the mere mention of foreigners about to snap up our farmland to grow rice will make our blood of patriotism boil instantly. Yet, the same hostile attitude has never been detected from the Thai public or bureaucracy when big swathes of farmland are bought by Thai businessmen in order to transform them into housing or industrial estates.

Worry over 'land-grabbing colonialism'

Thai exporters are concerned about the "land-grabbing colonialism" strategy being used by developed nations such as South Korea to reap benefits from agricultural goods grown in a second country and exported to other nations.

Thailand: Fields of battle

Global food supply concerns have revived fears of foreigners seeking to do farming in Thailand. Some farmers worry they could end up being little more than serfs.

Saudi firm to invest $3 bln in Turkey farms

Private Saudi firm Planet Food World (PFWC) will invest around $3 billion in agriculture in Turkey over the next five years to export food products to the Gulf region, the head of its Turkish unit said.