Thailand: Rice policy drives land claw-back

Thailand's Department of Special Investigation chief Tarit Pengdith said his department had not found any instances of foreigners owning farms or growing rice via nominees. Farming is forbidden to foreigners under the Foreign Business Act.

Cambodians call for ‘blood sugar’ boycott

An EU scheme to boost trade with developing nations is fueling land grabs in Cambodia, activists say, with thousands evicted from their property to make way for a booming sugar industry.

Foreign land grab threat not just an illusion

Concerns about land grabbing stem from a desire to hold the government accountable when the drive to make Thailand the Kitchen of the World ends up destroying ecological systems, small farmers' livelihoods, and our food security.

Land grab by hedge funds

The movement towards acquiring agricultural land in low-income countries will intensify and Thailand will be of interest to investors, as it is well-endowed with good land, a lot of rain and largely uninterrupted, warm sunshine all year.