• PH, Thai, Myanmar firms form rice consortium
    • Philippine Inquirer
    • 30 Sep 2012

    Philippines company will contribute its hybrid rice varieties to the venture while the Myanmar partner will provide the land for production and the Thai partner will handle global marketing.

  • Hoe groot mag het offer zijn?
    • Trouw
    • 23 Aug 2012

    Vruchtbaar en goedkoop land is gewild. In Afrika jagen zakenlui op dit 'groene goud'. Trouw schreef er een serie over. Ook in de Mekong-regio in Zuidoost-Aziëwordt land van bewoners afgepakt, vooral voor de rubberproductie. Foute zaak, zeggen mensenrechtenclubs. Maar de autoriteiten zijn blij met de investeerders.

  • Thailand: Rice policy drives land claw-back
    • The Nation
    • 07 Aug 2012

    Thailand's Department of Special Investigation chief Tarit Pengdith said his department had not found any instances of foreigners owning farms or growing rice via nominees. Farming is forbidden to foreigners under the Foreign Business Act.

  • Cambodians call for ‘blood sugar’ boycott
    • AFP
    • 05 Jul 2012

    An EU scheme to boost trade with developing nations is fueling land grabs in Cambodia, activists say, with thousands evicted from their property to make way for a booming sugar industry.

  • Les fermiers cambodgiens appellent au boycott du sucre de Tate and Lyle Sugars
    • RFI
    • 05 Jul 2012

    Après deux ans de pourparlers avec Tate and Lyle Sugars, qui importe le sucre cambodgien en Europe, les communautés appellent au boycott du sucre de la marque la plus ancienne au monde.

  • Foreigners 'skirting rules protecting rice businesses'
    • The Nation
    • 15 Jun 2012

    Singaporean and other foreign traders are taking advantage of a loophole in Thai laws to purchase land suitable for paddy fields and starting up rice-trading houses in Thailand.

  • Foreign land grab threat not just an illusion
    • Bangkok Post
    • 24 May 2012

    Concerns about land grabbing stem from a desire to hold the government accountable when the drive to make Thailand the Kitchen of the World ends up destroying ecological systems, small farmers' livelihoods, and our food security.

  • Thai sugar giant Mitr Phol seeks to take over 125-year-old Queensland sugar company MSF Sugar
    • Property Observer
    • 12 Dec 2011

    The Thai company is seeking to acquire four far north Queensland sugar mills, more than 6,000 hectares of agricultural land and other infrastructure assets owned by MSF Sugar

  • Foreign buyers grinding out mill deals
    • Sydney Morning Herald
    • 08 Nov 2011

    Two of the last big Australian-owned sugar mills, Maryborough and Proserpine, could soon be sold to foreign buyers in takeover deals worth more than $350 million.

  • Bittersweet Harvest: Thai sugar company on land grab in Cambodia?
    • Khmerization
    • 13 Sep 2011

    Major Thai producer among businesses facing land-grab allegations in Cambodia's lucrative sugar industry.

  • Thai company eyes cassava, oil palm investment in Laos
    • Vientiane Times
    • 02 Sep 2011

    The RTL World Trade Company wants to grow about 50,000 hectares of cassava and oil palms in Vientiane province.

  • Land grab by hedge funds
    • Bangkok Post
    • 22 Jun 2011

    The movement towards acquiring agricultural land in low-income countries will intensify and Thailand will be of interest to investors, as it is well-endowed with good land, a lot of rain and largely uninterrupted, warm sunshine all year.

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