Calabar Declaration

Members of communities affected by industrial monoculture oil palm plantations and other organisations from Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia reaffirm opposition to land and forest grabs.

How Edo is attracting investors in agric

Commissioner for Agriculture of Nigeria's Edo State says his government gave 10,000 hectares to Ekha Chemical Company two weeks ago for cassava production, while two other companies have asked for 25,000 hectares each for palm oil and rice.

On accapare bien les terres

"Mais qu'est-ce que j'ai fait de mal ?" Mercredi 5 juin, à Puteaux, Vincent Bolloré s'enveloppe d'une candeur inhabituelle pour un capitaine d'industrie aux dents longues, dont le chemin vers la réussite est jalonné des cadavres de concurrents plus tendres que lui