Is Philippines selling land or selling out?

“It is the height of stupidity for our country to bargain our lands for the sake of other nation’s food security, while being dependent on importation for our very own food security needs,” says Rafael Mariano

Human face: Food sovereignty

"Why should we prioritize the production of corn to feed animals in Korea when we cannot even feed all the Filipino people?" asked Arze Glipo, lead convenor of the Task Force Food Sovereignty (TFFS). Think about that.

Die große Jagd nach Land

Regierungen und Investmentfonds erwerben in Afrika und Asien Ackerland, um Nahrungsmittel anzubauen – ein lohnendes Geschäft, weil die Preise rasch steigen. Das Milliarden-Monopoly führt zu einem modernen Kolonialismus, dem sich viele arme Länder notgedrungen unterwerfen.

Global land grab, agricolonialism

In the Philippines, who is monitoring & regulating these deals? Are they violating people’s rights enshrined in our laws? Will communities succumb to vague promises of jobs & infrastructures? Will the deals really trigger economic growth?

Like foreign bases

The Philippine government hopes it can sideline land reform by leasing lands to foreign governments and corporations.

S. Korea leases 94,000 ha in Mindoro

A southwestern province in South Korea has leased 94,000 hectares of farmland in Mindoro to grow 10,000 tons of corn a year for feed for 25 years, a provincial government official said on Tuesday. In Manila, however, agriculture officials were caught unaware of such lease agreement

Dossier : Terres accaparées, paysans exclus

La FAO s’inquiète des violations des droits des paysans que ces accaparements de terres peuvent entraîner, et s’interroge sur la participation des populations locales aux bénéfices générés. Mais elle y voit avant tout une perspective de développement. Au profit de qui ?

Business council set to boost Thai investments

"We believe there are many opportunities for investment in Thailand and Philippines and for both countries in Bahrain," a Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative said. "Food security is one area we are trying to emphasise. We had discussions in planting and growing bananas and rice in both countries."