• Amid threat to food security, Gov't opens more farm land for foreign agribusiness firms
    • IBON
    • 20 Oct 2009

    The recent typhoons in the Philippines highlighted land and crop use conversion as a factor in worsening the effects of disasters on food production and the need to ensure adequate land for food production. However amid all these, government has reserved more agricultural land for export crops and use of foreign agro-corporations.

  • Philippines seeks to boost 'Halal' exports to the Middle East to USD 30 million in 2009
    • Zawya
    • 17 Oct 2009

    Amidst the projected massive growth in demand, the Philippines is set to play a bigger role in supplying 'Halal' goods - particularly food products - with Gulf oil producers looking at plans to invest in farming projects in the Philippines.

  • RP as Saudi Arabia’s “food hub” hit, GMA accused of engaging in real estate business
    • Anakpawis
    • 23 Sep 2009

    “We expect this impending land-lease deal with Saudi Arabia, courtesy of global land-grabbing’s No. 1 puppet in Asia, to displace thousands of farmers and agricultural workers. Ms Arroyo is selling out the country’s national patrimony under the guise of multi-million dollar investment packages,” Anakpawis party-list Representative Rafael Mariano said.

  • Saudi firms see Philippines as food production hub in the Far East
    • Philippine Government
    • 22 Sep 2009

    Ten Saudi Arabian agricultural companies wants to make the Philippines their food production hub and distribution center in the Far East.

  • Land grab for the world's farms
    • World Mission Magazine
    • 20 Sep 2009

    In the Philippines, a land lease hotspot like Cambodia or Laos, a series of high-profile deals has clashed with long-running demands for agrarian reform including land redistribution.

  • El neocolonialismo agrario amenaza con dejar sin alimentos a los países en desarrollo
    • Capital News
    • 15 Sep 2009

    Casi 20 millones de hectáreas en África, Asia o América Latina han pasado a manos de gobiernos o inversores privados extranjeros

  • Arroyo to visit KSA next week
    • Saudi Gazette
    • 13 Sep 2009

    Philippine President Arroyo will meet with Saudi Minister of Agriculture Fahd Bin Abdulrahman Balghunaim to discuss bilateral agricultural projects and with members of the Saudi business community for talks on proposals for investments in the Philippines.

  • Agricultural investment firm opened
    • Arab News
    • 09 Sep 2009

    Saudi Arabia announces the launch of Agroinvest, which will focus on farm acquisitions abroad to grow wheat, rice, soybeans and other crops in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Turkey

  • Farmlands plan faces new blow
    • Gulf Daily News
    • 06 Sep 2009

    Bahrain and other Gulf countries' plan to buy agricultural land in Thailand to bolster their food supplies could be thwarted, it has emerged.

  • ‘What gains is Palace talking about?'
    • Daily Tribune
    • 21 Aug 2009

    "It appears that offering our lands to foreign investors has always figured in the official agenda of Arroyo’s numerous state visits to other countries since assuming office, presumably in line with her "2 million hectares agribusiness development program," Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano of the Philippines said

  • Egypt: Southern farming
    • Business Today
    • 10 Aug 2009

    The wheat farms in Sudan & Uganda are not Egypt’s first foray into overseas farming — the government operates a corn farm in Zambia, a rice farm in Niger, a vegetable farm in Tanzania and plans 14 more farms across Africa — but they are significant because they are among the first efforts to address wheat scarcity after the instability of 2008.

  • Include kin’s land in Carp, Arroyo dared
    • Philippine Daily Inquirer
    • 07 Aug 2009

    “The sell-out of vast tracts of agricultural lands to local and foreign agribusinesses and land-use conversion are now elevated as state policies.”

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