Group says US desire to own land in PH behind fresh bid on charter change

"The desire of foreign monopoly capitalists in the US to acquire lands in PH is an open book. It is not a best kept secret. The monopolists in the US also want 100 percent ownership of other profitable sectors in the Philippines including but not limited to mining, eco-tourism, energy, public utilities, mass media, oil and gas, health and education."

International group probes alleged land-grab by foreign firms

An international fact-finding team is in the country to investigate the alleged land-grabbing by Philippine, Japanese and Taiwanese companies of some 11,000 hectares from indigenous peoples in Isabela to build the biggest bio-ethanol project in the Philippines.

Sokors eye 100,000 has. of idle land

The South Koreans are looking for as much as 100,000 in idle agricultural land in the Philippines that can be planted to crops for domestic consumption and for export.

Bridging Arab world's alarming food gap

The UAE has purchased thousands of acres of arable land in Sudan to grow products for the home market, while Bahraini investors help meet demand in the kingdom from farmland bought in Thailand and the Philippines.