Pakistan: Leasing land

There are better means to meet the food needs of the Saudis than to lease thm land that belongs to the state and the people of Pakistan

FM Qureshi favours lease of Pak land for agriculture

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the government has so far not requested for any input from the Foreign Office regarding interest shown by foreign parties to lease Pakistani land for agriculture. “But if my ministry is asked for its input, then I would not oppose this move completely."

Agricultural investment firm opened

Saudi Arabia announces the launch of Agroinvest, which will focus on farm acquisitions abroad to grow wheat, rice, soybeans and other crops in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and Turkey

Leasing out land and food security

It's certainly questionable whether the lease of agricultural land to foreign countries for the purposes of their own food supply is in the best interests of Pakistan, even if it brings in agricultural technology. What do the Arab farmers have that our agricultural universities don't?

Saudi in talks to lease Pakistan farmland: official

"Over the past few weeks the Saudi government has been in talks with us to lease 500,000 acres (202,400 hectares) of farmland and we are currently in the process of locating which land we could give them," Tauqir Ahmad Faiq at the ministry of agriculture, said

Saudi in talks to lease Pakistan farmland

In April, concerns over farmers’ rights led the government of Pakistan’s Balochistan province to block direct deals between United Arab Emirates-based private investors and farmers.