Corporate colonisation

The common denominator throughout the South, write Najma Sadeque, is that customary laws or rights of usage are no longer recognised, and constitutions do not guarantee protection of community lands

UAE to cultivate agri goods in Pakistan

United Arab Emirates is interested to cultivate agricultural goods in Pakistan and is also ready to make small dams for irrigation on the condition agricultural goods from Pakistan should not be stopped exporting to UAE.

Hassad plans overseas investments

Hassad Food Company is keen to secure food supplies for Qatar at reasonable prices through local and international investments in various countries, according to an article in the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry memorial book ‘40 Years of Excellence and Achievement.’

Pakistanis invited to invest in Sudan

Ambassador of Sudan says more than 4,500 square miles are available for farming and agriculture sectors and investors would have the opportunity to bring in skilled workers for farming.

Fixing Pak food problems

The Government of Pakistan should avoid providing land to the foreign investors and encourage the local small farmers for rapid poverty reduction and food security in the country.