Food security and control over land

The increase of international corporate land grabbing with the collusion of state Ministers, Senators and bureacrats has exacerbated the situation of unemployment and food insecurity in Pakistan

Saudi must look east for grains

Saudi food firms have invested in Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, but their respective political situations have forced investors to look for alternatives, with Pakistan and Australia looking to be a good fit.

Hassad Food eyes new investments in Pakistan

Qatar has plans to expand its food security options in Pakistan and the state-owned corporation, Hassad Food, has opened an office in Lahore, Pakistan’s ambassador Mohamed Sarfraz A Khanzada told Gulf Times in an exclusive interview.

Sea intrusion takes over 2.6 million acres of fertile land

The World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP) and Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) while welcoming the report designed by Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, who warned of the threat of ‘ocean-grabbing’ to food security, and urged world governments and international bodies to halt the depletion of fish stocks, and take urgent steps to protect, sustain, and share the benefits of fisheries and marine environments.

The global and local land-grab

Today's neocolonials are no longer content monopolising the output of the lands; they want the source of the produce, too — the land itself and the accompanying water supply.

Pakistan offers mega projects

“We are offering investment opportunities in agriculture farming, livestock, grain-storage project as well as in infrastructure development projects,” says chairman of the Sindh Board of Investment