Oxfam warns of land grab dangers

Preliminary research indicates as much as 227 million hectares - about the size of Western Europe - may have been sold, leased or licensed in large-scale land deals since 2001.

Accaparement des terres: un scandale croissant

Depuis quelques mois, Oxfam mène une enquête sur l'accaparement des terres et sur la façon dont cette pratique a fait sombrer des milliers de personnes encore plus profondément dans la pauvreté. Vidéo parodie.

La tierra en manos de fondos de inversión

Numerosos fondos de inversión, fondos soberanos e inversores institucionales están adquiriendo tierras de cultivo en países empobrecidos, a expensas de las personas que viven en esas tierras y que dependen de ellas para su subsistencia.

The great African land rush

"Only 12% of [the land investors have acquired in Africa in the last few years] is actually being farmed," Oxfam Senegal's Head of Economic Justice Lamine Ndiaye says. "The other 88% is just sitting there. It's just for speculation. You buy it, and three years later, you sell it at a higher price."