ook Europa doet mee aan ‘landjepik’

Volgens een rapport van FIAN, TNI en anderen is Europa sterk betrokken bij de aankoop van landbouwgrond en landbouw-infrastructuur. Rechtstreeks door Europese investeerders, maar ook door het Europese beleid dat leidt tot ‘land-grabs’.

Commodity falls spark investor rethink

Passive indices have been replaced by new sophisticated active indices and pension fund managers like APG are investing in natural resources assets, including farmland.

Food finance: Founding farmers

Asset owners and managers are signing up to a series of principles on how they invest in agricultural land. Will this mollify critics of the land grab? Nick Lord reports.

Defining responsible farmland investing

Farmland is an increasingly attractive investment for pension funds, but some have held back from buying due to ethical and environmental concerns, and a fear of negative public perception.