Fábrica de açúcar nasce no Cunene

Angola e Japão assinaram ontem, em Luanda, um protocolo para a construção das fábricas de produção e refinação de açúcar e etanol, no município de Humbe, no Cunene. O projecto tem uma área total de 66 mil hectares de plantação de cana-de-açúcar.

Japan changes tack to fix food shortage

After focusing for decades on oil, metals and minerals, Japan's huge trading houses are turning to agricultural commodities, with Tokyo enthusiastically supporting the shift amid concerns about local and global food security .

Welcome fades for wealthy nations

The initial welcome given to rich countries’ investment in African farmland by agricultural and development officials has faded as the first ventures prove to be heavily weighted in favour of the investors. The FAO warned of such a trend when it said this year that the race to secure farmland overseas risked creating a “neo-colonial” system.

Japan trading firms bet big on food, eye Asia

Japan's big trading houses, which have enjoyed bumper years from betting on iron ore and metals, are getting into the food market, aiming to tap voracious demand in China and emerging economies.

Japan's new farm belt

From the California wine country to the Florida citrus groves and Montana ranches, a wave of Japanese investment is sweeping through American agriculture and food processing.