La ruée vers la terre

Le Kenya est le pays où a commencé cette ruée vers les terres fertiles africaines. Le sujet y reste tabou quand il n'est pas un instrument politique. Reportage du JDD.

UAE moots the idea of agricultural free zones in Africa

Hesham Al Shirawi, Chairman of Economic Zones World, mooted the idea of establishing free zones for agri-business in Africa during the Africa Global Business Forum 2013. The establishment of corn farms is also a lucrative business proposition, he added.

Dubai needs food from Africa

Pressed on which countries in Africa would be suitable food sources, Hisham Abdullah Al Shirawi, the chairman of Economic Zones World, says the test would be countries where water was in abundance and which were not spoilt by strife.

Change of tactic to guard UAE food supply

"The UAE is looking not just at land [acquisitions] but developing the whole supply chain," says Nicholas Lodge, managing partner at Clarity, a consultancy that advises on investments in agricultural industries.

New Zealand to assist UAE in food security issue

New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs says his country can be a logical partner for resource-rich Gulf countries as a producer of food in places like Africa, where experts say half of the potential agricultural land is under-utilised.