• Russia's PAVA to offer farmland to Gulf investors
    • Reuters
    • 06 May 2009

    Russian grain processing firm PAVA plans a farmland investment road show across the Gulf region over the next two months and is open to selling shares to Middle East investors as it aims to triple the land under its control.

  • Rethinking corporate farming
    • Daily Times
    • 05 May 2009

    Our government is planning to offer Arab investors legislative cover to protect them from changes in the government, but hardly any attention has yet been given to the need for protecting poor labourers who will be working for Arab corporate agriculture companies

  • Farmland: selling sensitive ideas
    • Dawn
    • 04 May 2009

    In its bid to experiment with new ideas, the Pakistani government has decided to play host to overseas investors keen on acquiring farmlands to capitalise on food insecurities post-2007-08 crisis.

  • Emirates Investment Group to buy Pakistan farmland
    • Reuters
    • 28 Apr 2009

    Emirates Investment Group is in the process of acquiring farmland in Pakistan to export more food to the Gulf region and is seeking international partners, a company executive said on Tuesday.

  • Interview-AU: Africa not benefiting from foreign land deals
    • Reuters
    • 28 Apr 2009

    “African countries have not been in a reasonable bargaining position,” AU Agriculture Commissioner Rhoda Peace Tumusiime told Reuters in an interview at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa. “The pace of the trend was very fast and they didn’t envisage that there should be benefits to the community.”

  • Reassurance must be sown in foreign fields
    • Financial Times
    • 27 Apr 2009

    Saudi officials I have spoken to seem to be aware of the minefields their schemes could ignite.

  • Saudi Arabia looks to foreign farmlands to feed itself
    • Dawn
    • 26 Apr 2009

    The issue of food security is getting higher on Riyadh’s priority list.

  • Pakistan woos investors from UAE
    • Khaleej Times
    • 24 Apr 2009

    "Pakistan has finalised plans to offer ownership of agricultural lands to investors for farming, and is targeting investors from the UAE and other Gulf countries to help with their own food resources."

  • Food follies
    • National Interest
    • 24 Apr 2009

    The Federal Minister of Investment in Pakistan, Waqar Ahmed Khan, said this week that the government plans to sell or lease 1 million acres of farmland to foreign investors, primarily from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Although the news has yet to gain much coverage, if carried out it could punctuate growing unrest and frustration, given Pakistan’s limited amount of arable land and population of more than 170 million.

  • Foreign investors eye rural targets
    • The Australian
    • 24 Apr 2009

    The debate over foreign investment is set to expand from the mining industry to agriculture as overseas investors pour billions of dollars into Australian rural properties considered by some to be strategic national assets.

  • Pakistan land for rent
    • Islam Online
    • 22 Apr 2009

    A cash-strapped Pakistani government plans to sell or rent one million acre land to foreign countries for agricultural purposes in a bid to underpin the country’s troubled economy. “A complete legal cover will be provided to the investors so that even in case of the change of government, they should not be affected.”

  • INTERVIEW - Pakistan offers farmland to foreign investors
    • Reuters
    • 20 Apr 2009

    Pakistan is offering one million acres of farmland, protected by a special security force, for lease or sale to countries seeking to secure their food supplies, an official from the ministry of finance said on Monday.

  • Women living near the #Socapalm oil palm plantation in Edéa, Cameroon, are struggling for their land, autonomy and livelihoods. Please read their account and sign in support before 15 December: https://forms.gle/gBKbFCv2Bizzpfbt7
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