Citadel Capital

African agricultural finance under the spotlight

African governments need to raise their level of accountability and ensure that they improve and protect their own food security through quid pro quo side-agreements negotiated when they lease or sell their arable land to foreign interests, says Keith Mullin of Thompson Reuters

Citadel firm gets $4.9m Sudan farm loan

Wafra, Citadel Capital’s agriculture platform in Sudan, said its portfolio firm has obtained a $4.9 million loan from Bank of Khartoum to support the farming of its first 2,076 acres of sorghum.

Cairo-based Citadel sets up investment funds

Asked why he was attracted to Sudan, where Citadel got 200,000 ha of farmland betting on a continued global commodities rally, Chairman Ahmed Heikal said: "Almost free land, available water, fantastic climate, fantastic land quality -- why not Sudan?"