• Egypt's Citadel invests $40 mln in Sudan farms
    • Reuters
    • 29 Sep 2010

    Egyptian private equity firm Citadel Capital said it was investing $40 million to grow crops in Sudan, where agricultural spending is increasing as the government moves to address food shortages.

  • African agricultural finance under the spotlight
    • Reuters
    • 24 Aug 2010

    African governments need to raise their level of accountability and ensure that they improve and protect their own food security through quid pro quo side-agreements negotiated when they lease or sell their arable land to foreign interests, says Keith Mullin of Thompson Reuters

  • Citadel Capital secures loan to develop sorghum plantation in Sudan
    • Bloomberg
    • 01 Aug 2010

    Citadel Capital Corp., an Egyptian private-equity firm with $8.3 billion in investments, said one of its companies received a $4.9 million loan from Bank of Khartoum for the plantation of land in Sudan.

  • Citadel firm gets $4.9m Sudan farm loan
    • TradeArabia
    • 01 Aug 2010

    Wafra, Citadel Capital’s agriculture platform in Sudan, said its portfolio firm has obtained a $4.9 million loan from Bank of Khartoum to support the farming of its first 2,076 acres of sorghum.

  • Africa: What will continent export if it leases farmland to Arabs?
    • Business Daily
    • 04 May 2010

    "Investors like Citadel Capital and Goldman Sachs must be stopped from acquiring large tracts of land in Africa because this practice has become a serious threat to the continent's food sovereignty"

  • Citadel turns to agriculture in search of investment
    • Business Daily
    • 12 Apr 2010

    Egyptian private equity firm Citadel Capital is seeking to buy Kenya’s firms and long-term land leases as it seeks agro-based raw materials to feed its food business.

  • Wafra Portfolio Company to build Sudan's first large-scale commercial rice farm
    • Zawya
    • 06 Apr 2010

    El-Nahda for Integrated Solutions signed an agreement with the White Nile Governorate for a 30-year lease on 60,000 feddans [25,210 ha] of land on which it will build a large-scale commercial rice farm.

  • Citadel Capital planning beyond the railway tracks
    • Ratio Magazine
    • 24 Feb 2010

    Citadel's Karim Sadek dismisses talk of land grabbing as an “academic concern”, saying “there should definitely be a priority for the produce to be sold on the local market, if there is a paying market for it”.

  • Tanzania: Citadel Capital to invest in country
    • Tanzania Daily News
    • 01 Feb 2010

    Citadel Capital says that their investments will mainly focus on the agriculture sector, with Tanzania's 'Kilimo Kwanza' initiative taking the centre stage.

  • Egypt private equity fund opens office in Nairobi
    • Business Daily
    • 29 Dec 2009

    Citadel Capital will deploy significant capital across East Africa in 2010 in sectors spanning from agriculture to consumer foods.

  • Sudan looks to attract Middle Eastern investment in farmland
    • Bloomberg
    • 17 Dec 2009

    “We are now looking very seriously into Sudan,” said Zouhair Eloudghiri, chief executive officer of Savola Foods Co., a unit of Saudi Arabia’s second-largest publicly traded food producer, Savola Al-Azizia United Co.

  • Cairo-based Citadel sets up investment funds
    • Reuters
    • 29 Oct 2009

    Asked why he was attracted to Sudan, where Citadel got 200,000 ha of farmland betting on a continued global commodities rally, Chairman Ahmed Heikal said: "Almost free land, available water, fantastic climate, fantastic land quality -- why not Sudan?"

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