Citadel Capital
27 Jan 2014 East African
Citadel Capital’s plan for East Africa’s growing businesses
"If you are satisfied with a one per cent return on your investment, buy 10-year Swiss bonds. Otherwise, go to Africa."
26 Mar 2013 SSNA
More cases of land grabs in South Sudan
The land grabs are not an Equatorian issue. It is a national problem that should not be looked at from a regional or tribal perspective.
02 Jul 2012 This is Africa
Growing Africa's land
"Africa will be more food insecure if these investments go to other parts of the world and Africa has to turn to those places to buy food," according to Dr Ousmane Badiane of IFPRI
23 Mar 2012 Africa Assets
Citadel touts African infrastructure projects, defends agribusiness investment
Egypt’s Citadel Capital has been busy defending its work in Africa, such as in South Sudan where it has taken a number of measures to ensure its agribusiness project benefits the local community and doesn’t step on small farmer toes.
21 Mar 2012 Nairobi Star
South Sudan: Concord doing good for country
To date, Citadel Capital has invested US$ 25 million in the Concord farm project, which makes us by far one of the largest investors in South Sudan outside the oil industry.
16 Mar 2012 The Star
Governments should protect citizens’ interests
The bottom line is that it is the responsibility of the host governments to set policies and a legal framework that protect their citizens’ interests – by encouraging investment, and protecting the rights of affected individuals.
28 Nov 2011 Xinhua
China expected to have investments in Africa private equity funds
Citadel Capital, which owns farms in Egypt and Sudan, is expected to start talks with the China Investment Corporation next month.
10 Nov 2011 Daily News Egypt
OPIC approves $150 mln in financing for Egypt's Citadel
The Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the US government’s development finance institution, approved Wednesday a $150 mln financial package that will go to Citadel Capital, a regional private equity firm that just completed its first wheat harvest in Sudan.
06 Nov 2011 Sudan Net
South Sudanese fear impact of farming deals
Egyptian private equity firm Citadel Capital, which has leased 259,500 acres for farming in Unity state, is among dozens of foreign entities to have struck large land deals in the new country.
01 Aug 2011 Bloomberg
Citadel Capital of Egypt plans to invest more in East Africa
The private-equity firm has a 250,000-acre (101,181-hectare) farm in southern Sudan and a similar-sized area of land in the north.
04 Jul 2011 Citadel Capital
Wafra concludes first commercial wheat harvest in Sudan
Wafra, Citadel Capital’s Platform Company for investments in the Sudanese agricultural industry, released today details of recent operational milestones including the conclusion of its first commercial wheat harvest in Sudan’s White Nile State.
08 Jun 2011 Bloomberg
Abraaj Captial is said to be in talks to buy stake in Citadel of Egypt
Both companies are active farmland investors, with Citadel controlling a reported 200,000 hectares in Sudan and operating Egypt's largest dairy farm.

Citadel Capital

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