Interview with Nic Wrathall, director of Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley

Wrathall went to the the most remote and contested parts of north Western Australia to investigate stories of the forced closure of Aboriginal communities. What he found instead was a complex and complicated set of issues around the ways that huge mineral-rich region is being developed by government, big mining and big agriculture.

Chinese investors protest against new crackdown on investment

Australia's foreign investment regulator no longer believes private companies in China are free of Communist Party control, and plans on subjecting Chinese takeovers and deals, such as those for farmland, to more screening on national security grounds.

Warakirri's new $100m fund seeks only high-value farms

Warakirri says it is already managing discrete agricultural investments for super funds, but this new fund is being set up in response to demand from private family offices, high-net-worth and not-for-profit community