Papua New Guinea

Up for grabs

A massive land grab has occurred in Papua New Guinea under the auspices of the Special Agricultural and Business Leases scheme, and the impact on communities across the country has been devastating. Greenpeace has produced a new report that details the extent of the damage.

10pc of PNG lost in forest land grab

More than 10 per cent of Papua New Guinea's land mass has been handed over to foreign and national corporate interests over the past seven years under mysterious land deals that appear to be aimed at logging, not food or cash crop production.

ACT NOW! calls on government to end land grab leases

The PNG Lands Department has vowed to take action on land deals in Papua New Guinea - deals in which control of more than 5 million hectares of land, 10% of PNGs land mass, has been taken away from local people and given to corporations.

Massive land grab in PNG says academic

Colin Filer says 5 million hectares of customary land has passed into the hands of national and foreign corporations in Papua New Guinea using a legal mechanism called the 'lease-lease-back scheme'.