Papua New Guinea

ACT NOW! calls on government to end land grab leases

The PNG Lands Department has vowed to take action on land deals in Papua New Guinea - deals in which control of more than 5 million hectares of land, 10% of PNGs land mass, has been taken away from local people and given to corporations.

Massive land grab in PNG says academic

Colin Filer says 5 million hectares of customary land has passed into the hands of national and foreign corporations in Papua New Guinea using a legal mechanism called the 'lease-lease-back scheme'.

Kulim buys PNG oil palm estates for US$175m

Plantation company Kulim Bhd is paying US$175 million to buy some 25,000ha of oil palm estates in Papua New Guinea from the world's largest agribusiness company, Cargill Inc, and Singapore government investment arm Temasek Holdings.

Land for farming on sale

Will Malaysia be emulating other nations by looking abroad to plant staple crops like rice, or rear cows, goats, chicken and fish to secure a sustainable food supply?