Sierra Leone

Vill se öppenhet från Swedfund om Sierra Leone

Biståndsminister Gunilla Carlsson vill att Swedfund öppet delar med sig av resultaten, när organisationen själv granskar situationen i Sierra Leone. Efter Ekots rapportering, om att biståndsorganisationens investeringar i landet orsakar vattenbrist och hunger för fattiga, ska Swedfund besöka landet och se över de investeringar som gjorts i ett etanolprojekt.

Concerns over land use in Salone

Meeting of delegates from eight districts and twenty chiefdoms affected by large scale land acquisitions for agribusiness in Sierra Leone ends with formation of a coalition to serve as a watchdog on land issues in the country.

Is ‘land grabbing’ good for Africa?

So is it a land grab or a development opportunity? Is land grabbing actually good for Africa? BBC Africa Debate discusses the issue in Freetown in Sierra Leone.

BBC Africa debate

This Friday, February 24th, BBC Africa will broadcast a debate from Freetown Sierra Leone on international farmland deals in Africa - or Land grabbing as it’s commonly known. Listeners can join the discussion on social media.

Déclaration ouest-africaine contre le « land grabbing »

La déclaration de Ouidah vise à faire connaître les revendications des petits producteurs ouest-africains, aussi bien auprès de leur gouvernement qu’auprès des États occidentaux d’où proviennent la plupart des investisseurs.

Warning of unrest, new study shows millions risk losing lands in Africa

New studies released in London today suggest that the frenzied sell-off of forests and other prime lands to buyers hungry for the developing world's natural resources risk sparking widespread civil unrest—unless national leaders and investors recognize the customary rights of millions of poor people who have lived on and worked these lands for centuries.