Sierra Leone

Comment nourrir le « 1 % »

L'irruption dans l'agrobusiness d'un milliardaire indien de l'informatique donne une image inquiétante du rôle actuel de la finance dans l'agriculture

Feeding the 1 percent

An IT billionaire's foray into agribusiness paints a disturbing picture of today's farmland financiers.

The Freetown Declaration

180 citizens of Sierra Leone propose measures to combat land grabbing at the National Conference on Land and the Constitution in Freetown.

Land-grabbing threatens our security - Kono Mayor

Mayor of Sierra Leone's Kono City, Sahr Emerson Laminah, says the increasing rate of land-grabbing is a menace and nightmare in the district that has the potential for creating confusion in the country.

Willful blindness at the World Bank

As the spring meetings of the World Bank get under way, 180 organizations demand that the World Bank end its Doing Business rankings and its support of the rampant theft of land and resources from some of the world’s poorest people.

L'aveuglement volontaire de la Banque Mondiale

Alors que les réunions de printemps de la Banque Mondiale vont s’ouvrir, 180 groupes demandent que la Banque mette fin à ses classements Doing Business et à ses activités soutenant l’accaparement des terres et des ressources naturelles.