Sierra Leone
27 Oct 2017 Concord Times
‘Malen Chiefdom is under siege to SOCFIN
Malen Affected Land Owners and Users Association leader says the entire chiefdom is under siege to SOCFIN, a Belgian company that has invested in oil palm plantations in southern Sierra Leone.
25 Sep 2017 MALOA et al
Police block peaceful action by women affected by SOCFIN oil palm plantation in Sierra Leone
A caravan of 200 women was stopped by police on their way to Pujehun to urge local authorities to take action against the Luxembourg-based oil palm plantation company SOCFIN for grabbing their lands and committing other related human rights abuses.
25 Sep 2017 MALOA et al.
Sierra Leone : La police empêche une manifestation pacifique des femmes victimes de la palmeraie de SOCFIN
Le 21 septembre 2017, la police a empêché 150 à 200 femmes de se rendre à Pujehun, en Sierra Leone, en vue d’exhorter les autorités locales à prendre des mesures contre la société SOCFIN.
24 Sep 2017 WRM
SOCFIN’s plantations in Africa: Many places of violence and destruction
There is a large gap between SOCFIN's “responsible management” policy and the reality of violence and destruction around its plantations, where, with the complicity of national governments, the company attempts to suppress people’s resistance.
16 Sep 2017 FERN
European Development Finance Institutions and land grabs: The need for further independent scrutiny
This study highlights the role of European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in possible land grabs and questionable forestry projects in Africa.
05 Sep 2017 CSOs
Port Loko declaration: Women say “We want our lands back!”
Women gathering in Sierra Leone from African communities affected by oil palm plantations say they want their lands and forests back so that they can have an agriculture that feeds their communities.
31 Aug 2017 Africa News
Sierra Leone: UN expert warns of lack of transparency and pollution
In a press conference, UN expert Baskut Tuncak spoke of “numerous claims of land appropriation by Socfin”, a Luxembourg company that produces palm oil in Sierra Leone and is part owned by the French group Bolloré.
28 Aug 2017 Agence Ecofin
Sierra Leone : l’Onu souhaite un renforcement de la protection des droits fonciers des populations
Suite à une visite sur le terrain, un expert de l’Onu dénonce la faible protection des droits fonciers des communautés locales face aux multinationales comme la société luxembourgeoise Socfin.
31 Jul 2017 Awoko
Sierra Leone news: calls for urgent land audit
Sierra Leone calls for urgent land audit. In the last five years, 30% of the arable land has gone to large-scale investors.
27 Jul 2017 Xinhua
World Bank offers 10 mln USD for land policy project in Sierra Leone
The World Bank says it had a team of consultants in Sierra Leone in May 2017 to do an assessment of large scale agricultural land acquisitions and that the report is now ready with several recommendations.
17 Jul 2017 DW
The price of palm oil in Sierra Leone
New oil plantations grab land and destroy the environment in e.g. Sierra Leone. But there is a fair and environmentally friendly alternative way.
05 Jul 2017 Osservatoro Diritti
Land grabbing africano made in Lussemburgo
Movimenti locali e ong internazionali accusano aziende del gruppo Socfin di non rispettare i diritti di contadini e comunità. I principali punti critici sono mancanza di dialogo, accaparramento di terre, fiumi inquinati e poco lavoro

Sierra Leone

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