BBC One Planet - Land grab in Africa

We hear from Liberia, where foreign investment is finally starting to flood in after years of civil war. Big international companies are arriving and taking over vast areas of the country - in a move some local farmers and activists describe as a land grab.

Liberia: The plantation blues

Alfred Quayjandi accuses both the Liberian government and Sime Darby of presenting a confused and angry population with a fait accompli, failing to consult local communities and bypassing or snubbing the local administration and traditional chiefs.

Liberia : Accaparement des terres ou opportunité de développement ?

Des centaines de villageois et d'habitants des villes du comté de Grand Cape Mount ont attiré l'attention de toute la population libérienne afin de récupérer des terres qu'ils considèrent comme leur appartenant, mais qui ont été saisies et cédées à un groupe agro-industriel malaisien.

Liberia: Land grab or development opportunity?

Hundreds of villagers and town residents of Liberia’s Grand Cape Mount Country have attracted nationwide attention in their bid to recover what they say is land seized from them and turned over to a Malaysian agro-industrial concern.