Land rushes — and the people left behind

Today, more than a quarter of all the land in Liberia is leased or owned by logging, mining, or factory-style agriculture companies. Nothing is wrong with that — unless you happen to be one of the people who used to live on that land.

Strike continues at Sime Darby

Normal work at the Sime Darby Plantation in western Liberia has been stalled for the second week running, as workforce presses for better salaries and improved working conditions, having accused management of bad labor practice.

Forest, mines, farmland: Liberia is for sale

Liberia is selling itself slice by slice nine years after a terrible civil conflict finally came to an end, even though that could kindle tension among a population that often feels it is being sold out.

The controversy of land deals in Liberia

From a a palm oil plantation run by a Malaysian company, Sime Darby, the Today programme's Evan Davis looked into whether lands deals are a route into better life, or a signing away of the nation's wealth.