The bitter taste of Liberia’s palm oil plantations

Bah and his kinsmen were not consulted in the leasing of their land to EPO. He says the company used bulldozers to clear the land, including ancestral land and sacred sites, without any remorse or respect for their local culture.

L'évolution des conflits fonciers au Liberia

« Au cours des derniers 18 mois, nous avons constaté une augmentation des conflits fonciers entre les communautés et les investisseurs qui essayent de développer des ressources naturelles au Liberia, » dit Gregory Kitt, chargé de projet du Conseil norvégien pour les réfugiés (NRC)

Liberia's next big war

Liberia's silent land war has now become a war of words and placards with tension brewing daily either between individuals and families or companies and tribes or clans.