Liberia spending too little on agriculture

"Instead of handing over farming land to foreign companies, our government should promote policies that sustainably increase productivity and help Liberian farmers access local markets," says Friends of the Earth Liberia.

Ivory Coast hopes to squeeze the profits from palm oil

Demand for the lucrative oil is increasing and land in the main exporting countries of Malaysia and Indonesia is quickly running out, so companies are now looking to the hot, humid countries along the Equator in West Africa.

Liberia: Company resurvey resisted in Grand Bassa

Investigation conducted revealed that Equatorial Palm Oil's operation in Bassa is currently experiencing setback owing to the action by the Legislative Caucus via the citizens. As a result, the company is contemplating on a possible pull out.

European investments assist landgrabs in Liberia

European banks, pension funds and private equity funds have given financial assistance worth more than €450 million to Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby, responsible for environmental degradation and violations of national regulations in Liberia.

Les paysans réclament leurs terres à la multinationale Bolloré

La multinationale française Bolloré s’est accordé jusqu’au 30 juin pour donner suite aux revendications des paysans riverains de ses plantations, qui manifestent dans plusieurs pays africains contre l’expansion des activités du groupe sur leurs terres.

Vincent Bolloré reçoit les revendications à Paris

Dans trois pays d’Afrique, les riverains des plantations contrôlées par le groupe Bolloré ont organisé des manifestations simultanées le jour de l’AG des actionnaires. A Paris, Vincent Bolloré a reçu en mains propres la lettre de revendications portée par des ressortissants des pays concernés.