Another setback for Jilin Food Zone

Resignation of CEO is latest setback to the project in north-eastern China's Jilin province meant to diversify food sources for Singaporeans and help improve safety standards for Chinese consumers.

Global funds for African farmers

In making 2014 the 'Year of Agriculture' [sic!], the African Union has concentrated its focus on private-sector investment and public-private partnerships to drive the sector. Private equity financiers, funds and investors are answering the call.

Big ag deal goes largely unnoticed

Late on Wednesday night an Australian trust backed by Swiss, Danish and US fund managers agreed to pay more than $200 million for 12,000 hectares of almond groves in northern Victoria.

China's New Hope to set up overseas investment fund

China's largest animal feed producer will launch an overseas fund this month with international investors, including Singapore's Temasek Holdings, that will set up farms in the Middle East, South Africa and central Europe.