20 Oct 2017 P&I
More investors turn to farmland, debt strategies
U.S. institutional tax-exempt investments for farmland was up 11.1% last year, with Nuveen, PGIM and Hancock AIG leading P&I's list of farmland managers
20 Oct 2017 Chain Reaction
Farmland investments in Brazilian Cerrado: Financial, environmental and social risks
The social and environmental impacts linked to farmland investments could in themselves be enough for investors with ESG criteria to refrain from further investments in farmland in Matopiba, Brazil.
19 Oct 2017 Maryknoll
Gambling with nature: A risky investment
In the last ten years, pension funds and other large investment funds have invested more and more in agricultural land as a part of their financial portfolios, contributing to increasing human rights violations and environmental destruction.
26 Sep 2017 Outras Palavras
Toda a terra será capturada?
A compra de áreas griladas brasileiras por um fundo dos professores de Nova York revela como as finanças globais estão submetendo a agricultura a sua lógica de ferro
25 Sep 2017 GAI
AgCAP sells first tranche of sustainable agriculture fund assets
TIAA Global Agriculture Properties has acquired 10 of the 17 properties making up the SAF portfolio totaling 16,000 hectares across New South Wales, and Victoria.
13 Sep 2017 Pensa Pirauí
MATOPIBA: caravana internacional denuncia violações de direitos humanos
Fundos de Pensão Internacionais e o Estado Brasileiro são denunciados internacionalmente por violações de direitos humanos na região do MATOPIBA, considerada a última fronteira agrícola do Brasil.
06 Sep 2017 The Australian
Nuveen reaps rewards of steady agricultural focus
The purchase of more Australian farms, agribusinesses and food processing plants is high on the agenda of one of the world’s biggest investment managers, the Chicago-based Nuveen.
05 Sep 2017 FIAN et al.
International mission to measure human rights impact of land grabbing kicks off
An international delegation will travel across the Brazilian region of MATOPIBA to document the social, economic, environmental and human rights impact of large-scale land acquisitions.
25 Apr 2017 Grassroots
TIAA campaign update: Momentum builds towards a land grab-free policy shift
Over 100,000 people, including thousands of TIAA holders, have taken action demanding that TIAA respect small farmers as part of a Campaign to Get TIAA Out of Forests and Farmland.
21 Apr 2017 FOE US
Activists and clients tell TIAA to stop investments linked to deforestation and displacement of local farmers
A coalition of environmental, human rights and family farm organizations delivered a letter with over 100,000 signatures to pension fund management company TIAA, expressing concerns over the company’s investments in farmland and palm oil.
21 Apr 2017 Institutional Investor
Protesters rally outside TIAA in New York to stop its farmland deals
Protesters paid a visit to TIAA’s New York headquarters Thursday, urging the firm to stop investing in farmland and companies with ties to palm oil.
11 Apr 2017 Benefits Canada
Navigating the complexities of investing in agriculture
While Canadian agriculture shows some promise, institutional investors have been active on the global front, particularly when it comes to farmland.


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