Roses bloom, then thorns pop up
    To Karuturi, who has also offered to grow up to one million tonne of lentils for India on farm tracts leased in Ethiopia, the Mozambique model is an example of "political correctness."
    • The Telegraph
    • 19 Jul 2016
    Ex-Karuturi flower farm workers yet to get pay
    Reports emerge that former workers of the Karuturi flower farm in Kenya, and their children, are in hardship after the farm was placed under liquidation and 3,000 workers sent packing.
    • Citizen TV
    • 13 Jul 2016
    Karuturi ex-workers demonstrate over unpaid dues
    More than 200 former employees, waving placards and chanting slogans, accuse the company of failing to settle their dues before the company is taken over by a new management.
    • hivisasa
    • 08 Jun 2016
    Karuturi boss laughs off sale of his flower farm, calls the business ‘air’
    Ramakrishna Karuturi has mocked plans to sell off his Naivasha-based flower farm, saying the liquidation procedure will not affect his ownership of the land, which is held through separate subsidiaries.
    • Standard
    • 10 May 2016
    Curtains fall as Karuturi finally closes shop
    One of the country’s largest flower farms Karuturi limited has officially been closed, with receiver managers and liquidators moving in to wind up the farm.
    • Citizen
    • 06 May 2016
    Nine-year jail term for human rights defender
    An Ethiopian court has handed down a nine-year jail sentence to a leading dissident from the restive region where the government has leased vast tracts of land to foreign investors.
    • Oakland Institute
    • 02 May 2016
    Focus on Thursday court ruling over sale of troubled Karuturi
    After close to three years and many court cases in Nairobi and Nakuru, the curtains appear to be coming down on one of the world’s biggest players in the cut flower industry — Karuturi Limited — after its owners conceded to an application to wind it up.
    • Business Daily
    • 01 May 2016
    Karuturi to be auctioned over toxic debts, workers fate unknown
    Kenya’s biggest flower firm is set to go under the auctioneers’ hammer, as owners of the Indian multinational failed to defend the winding up petition filed in court by creditors.
    • Daily Nation
    • 04 Apr 2016
    Gambella evicts local investors from leased lands
    Nearly 100 commercial farming investors in Gambella are losing thousands of hectares of land because the region leased, by mistake, lands under federal jurisdiction.
    • Fortune
    • 29 Feb 2016
    One of Africa’s most promising economies is facing a fundamental problem
    Like Karuturi’s disappeared $100 million farm investment, the Addis Ababa expansion plan embodies the perils and contradictions of the Ethiopian regime’s strategy of securing internal calm through economic growth and strong ties with foreign powers.
    • Business Insider
    • 19 Jan 2016
    Karuturi challenges Ethiopia decision to cancel farm project
    Karuturi Global Ltd., one of the largest investors in Ethiopia’s farm industry, is challenging the termination of its project, claiming the government broke the terms of its agreement with the company.
    • Bloomberg
    • 11 Jan 2016
    Government agency strips Karuturi’s land privilege
    The Ethiopian Agricultural Investment Land Administration Agency has terminated its lease contract with the controversial, Indian based agribusiness giant - Karuturi Global Ltd.
    • Capital
    • 04 Jan 2016

Who's involved?

Who's involved?

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