Karuturi Global Ltd
27 Sep 2013 Africa Intelligence
Ethiopia: Land policy revised
After enabling foreign firms to grab vast stretches of land, the government has begun to review its land policy.
27 Sep 2013 Africa Intelligence
Ethiopia: La politique foncière revue et corrigée
En privé, les officiels éthiopiens reconnaissent l'échec de leur politique d'agriculture commerciale basée sur la location à bas prix d'immenses portions de terres à des firmes étrangères.
26 Sep 2013 KTN
Karuturi workers demonstrate along Naivasha Nakuru highway over their pay
Workers of the troubled Karuturi farms in Kenya went on strike to demand their two months salaries. The incident came two days after four workers tried to commit suicide outside the farm's gates in protest.
07 Sep 2013 The Star
Firm wants Karuturi Flowers wound up
A manufacturer of a cartons and polythene bags has applied to the High Court in Kenya to wind up cash-strapped Indian flower firm, Karuturi.
28 Aug 2013 The Star
Karuturi flower farm directors skip meeting
A meeting called to address the problems facing Karuturi flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, was cancelled. The farm directors who had flown in from India kept off the venue of the meeting due to the anger of union officials and the farm workers
14 Aug 2013 Business Standard
Karuturi Global promoters increase pledge as problems continue
The promoters of Karuturi Global have been forced to increase their pledge towards the lenders by as much as 58% even as the company is trying to stabilise their operations in Ethiopia
10 Aug 2013 BBC
How Indian flower power is changing Ethiopian lives
India and China are pushing heavily to open new markets in Africa but how do the local people feel about the results? BBC News video report.
08 Aug 2013 KTN
Karuturi flower farm workers go on strike
Business came to a halt at the expansive Karuturi flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, after its over 3,000 workers downed tools demanding their July salaries.
08 Aug 2013 The People
Financial crisis paralyses flower farm operations
Operations at Karuturi flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, have been paralyzed due to a financial crisis.
04 Aug 2013 BBC
Indian rose growers raise scent of division in Ethiopia
Slideshow about controversies around Karuturi's flower farm operations in Ethiopia
01 Jun 2013 The Hindu
Karuturi debacle prompts Ethiopia to review land policy
The slow progress of Karuturi Global and similar projects has prompted the Ethiopian government to reassess its policy of leasing vast tracts of land to single investors.
24 May 2013 El País
El amo de las rosas (y las espinas)
El empresario indio Ramakrishna Karuturi, que vende 555 millones de tallos al año, es señalado como uno de los grandes acaparadores de tierras de África.

Karuturi Global Ltd

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