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‘Landgrab' overseas

AN extraordinary new process has been at work in the past few years: the aggressive entry of Indian corporations into the markets for agricultural land in Africa, writes Jayati Gosh

Afrique de l'Est : terres en vue

En proposant d’injecter 2,5 milliards de dollars (1,7 milliard d’euros) dans le secteur agricole du continent noir, les géants indiens de l’agroalimentaire s’apprêtent à battre le record des deals agricoles signés en Afrique au cours des cinquante dernières années.

Agri-business still an unexploited sector

Last week, Uganda received a 35 man business delegation from India interested in the country’s agribusiness potential and boosting its exploits. Mr Ramakrishna Karuturi, the leader of the delegation, said the team intends to invest up to $2 billion in agribusiness pending the issue of investment licences.

President Museveni receives Indian investors

The President informed them of 3 available modules of investment that they could take advantage of including processing without getting involved in physical production where an investor buys products from farmers, processes them or engage in core plantation and process the produce into finished items or contracting out-growers so that they as a community of producers can benefit.