Karuturi Global Ltd

Karuturi flower farm directors skip meeting

A meeting called to address the problems facing Karuturi flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, was cancelled. The farm directors who had flown in from India kept off the venue of the meeting due to the anger of union officials and the farm workers

El amo de las rosas (y las espinas)

El empresario indio Ramakrishna Karuturi, que vende 555 millones de tallos al año, es señalado como uno de los grandes acaparadores de tierras de África.

Are Indian companies “land grabbing” in Africa?

The Hindu's Addis Ababa correspondent Aman Sethi has recently written about Indian companies’ involvement in Ethiopia and Mali, and on 19 May he took part in a Q&A session on Facebook on the issue of so-called Indian land grabs in African countries.

When the levee breaks

Karuturi Global faces accusations of causing floods to local villages, not paying taxes, contributing to human rights violations and providing dismal working conditions at its farming operations in Gambela, Ethiopia.